In Feburary 2022 I bought a Ricoh 500 G in decent condition off of eBay. The camera was released in 1972 and this particular one had been in a drawer for many years and had been owned from new by the sellers grandparent.

Like most cameras at this age it needed a bit of TLC to get up and running again. The lightseals needed replaced, the focus ring was loose and the range finder was wasn't moving.

After a few weeks of repairs I finally had it in good shape. New light seals, re-greased focus ring and a sluggish but working range finder.

This was my first attempt at a repair and also my first time ever shooting with a rangefinder. I really enjoyed using this wee camera but I need to work on my focusing skills.

I shot a roll of Ilford HP5 Plus and I'm pretty pleased with the results.