The light nights are here! The kids are in bed and I still have daylight to play with. Tonight, I decided to nip out with my camera.

The photograph I'm sharing today was taken from my home village of Neilston looking over towards the Lomond Hills and beyond. With the sun setting over the horizon, the sky turned into a canvas of vibrant hues, painting the mountain peaks in the distance with beautiful shades of pink, orange, and blue. For me, this view symbolises the perfect link between the tranquility of the outskirts of the village and the grandeur of the great mountains. This is a place I often stop, and simply gaze and enjoy.

To provide some context for those interested in the specifics of these Scottish peaks, I used to generate an overlay that labels each mountain visible in the image. By doing so, I hoped to offer a more in-depth understanding of the landscape. This tool is incredibly useful for anyone with a passion for mountains or simply curious about the names and elevations of the peaks in their photographs.

Mountain Peaks from Neilston
PeakFinder overlay© Chris Collins /, 2023

I'm very pleased with how this photograph turned out. I'm hoping to borrow my Dad's telephoto lens and get some shots of Ben Lomond, and maybe Ben More and Binnein with some compression and more detail from the same spot.